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Farming Themed Workcamp in Malaysia

On February 1-17 2017, the Faculty of Agriculture Unwahas in collaboration with the BhumiHorta Foundation (Sending Organization) will hold a Field Work Practice (PKL) activity with the concept of a work camp for the first time abroad. This project is a collaboration between the Indonesian Bhumi Horta Foundation and the Malaysian Service Civil International (SCI). PKL activities will later be held in a 100-hectare garden in Dusun Matahari, Permanent Food Production Park, Lanchang, Pahang, Malaysia. There were 8 students who participated in this activity consisting of 4 sons and 4 daughters and 1 companion from Bhumi Horta. This activity will not only be attended by Faperta Unwahas students but also participants from other countries, namely Germany and Japan.

Students will have activities in the orchard for 6 hours every day such as pruning, maintenance, harvesting, post-harvest, and marketing. Commodities grown in the area are kaffir lime, kedondong, yellow lemon, jackfruit, kalamansi orange, durian and many more. Some fruit products are even sent to the factory to be made into packaged juices.

With so many types of commodities and activities, it is hoped that agricultural students can develop their knowledge and potential, especially in the field of agriculture, while exchanging experiences and cultures with participants from other countries. In addition, it is also hoped that all the knowledge and experience gained from the PKL project locations can be shared and applied in Indonesia.

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