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Voluntalk #01: More Deeds, Not Words

On Saturday last week (25/05) in ¾ Co-Working Place in Tembalang, Semarang we organized our very first Voluntalk. In cooperation with the Indonesian Volunteer for Peace (IVP Indonesia/Yayasan Kanal Perdamaian), Voluntalk this time explained to our future local or overseas volunteers about the International Voluntary Service movement’s impact on society and SCI as the oldest volunteering-themed organization in the world based on changing perspective research in 2016.

Our facilitators are Sany Mardlotillah (founder of temanberkebun.com) and Edi Gunawan (Outgoing Volunteer in Korea). They shared their volunteering experience around the world. Most of the participants are university students who came from several universities around Semarang.

This activity aimed to encourage especially young people to participate in international workcamp or join middle or long-term volunteering programs inbound or outbound. This forum also would provide young people know that there is another method of traveling called volunteering which is considered a more impactful deed to create world peace.

This activity will be held monthly based on the Bhumi Horta Foundation program calendar. The next Voluntalk activity could be held in your nearest co-working place, campus, or community base camp. For more information for progressive collaboration as a future exchange group, event host, or another else please send us an e-mail to: ad.bhumihorta@gmail.com.

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