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Volunteering Experiences with TVD Korea

He hosted our volunteer, Mr. Edi, this summer. He got the chance to go abroad to learn and explore new things. He joined one of TVD Korea workcamp last month. The theme of the work was farming issues. Our program called Eco-Smart Xchange would give you many chances to explore this world through volunteering.

Working as a farmer in Indonesia is facing many negative perceptions. One of the thoughts is “narrow-minded”. Many people think that being a farmer will reduce your possibility to get empowered. In fact, We offer you, since you work as an urban farmer with Teman Berkebun, you can still able to travel and learn new things. And when you return, we expect you to share your experiences and find the best way to improve your work as a farmer or farm assistant.

We are a growing organization that is open to any kind of change or future progressive cooperation. That’s why we never burden ourselves with our own space. We encourage more and more young people to be part of our movement and to have more impact on society.

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