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What Independence Means For Us

For almost three years we have not seen our relatives and friends due to the Covid-19 pandemic that has hit the world, including our country.  Exactly today, this country is 77 years old.  We are very grateful, finally, we were able to meet face to face again to witness the red and white flag that was flying in the middle of the field bravely.  The flag that witnessed the birth of this nation, after going through the bitterness of the colonial period.

As an independent nation, we are still learning to stand proudly on our own feet.  Firm and steady step forward together to overcome existing obstacles, in order to realize the country that we dream of together.  Always prepare carefully for a brighter future for the next generations.

Our dreams may soar but don’t forget the earth is where we stand.  Our footsteps have changed the face of this republic.  The country of “Gemah Ripah Loh Jinawi” is currently facing environmental problems that are increasingly threatening the survival of this nation for future generations. Have we only done damage all this time? Have we taken any action to fix them on earth, even the small things?

Teman Berkebun as part of the Bhumi Horta Foundation, born in 2017 to coincide with Earth Day on April 22, dreams of making agriculture a solution that can harmonize the realization of food security with the noble mission of saving the environment.  Fully involve the local community along with the younger generations to accelerate the expected changes.

Our work in this country has not yet been completed, indeed.  That is the reason why we are standing still today.  The support of our partner farmers and the community of Teman Berkebun who are loyal to our products and services have become a motivation that will never fail to keep us dreaming.  Please pray for us so that we continue to be consistent in carrying out this noble task.

 Indonesian independence!

 Get up!  Let’s Grow Stronger Again and Again!

 Amen ya Rabb

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