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The Arrival of a Little Family from Belgium at Our Assisted Gardens

We are having been involved in international volunteerism for years, which makes us miss this atmosphere. An atmosphere where we work together with volunteers from all over the world. Through the Eco-smart Xchange program from the Bhumi Horta Foundation, we will start the incoming program which was delayed due to the pandemic 3 years ago.

The Incoming program is a program to host volunteers in our assisted gardens. This program allows volunteers to come to Indonesia and contribute directly to our garden partners. We are going to post further programs in cooperation between Bhumi Horta Foundation and Indonesia Volunteer for Peace (a branch of SCI International).

This month we organized a very short family workcamp with a family from Belgium. They are husband and wife, Lili & Tom, and their two daughters Annae & Ellea. Lili participated in a volunteer program in Indonesia in 2005. This is a big moment for her as well to have a nostalgic moment to see this country 17 year ago. 

This time they had the opportunity to visit some Teman Berkebun farm partners. The participating gardens this time are Kebun Qyta, Kebun Rembes, & Helen’s Nursery. They had the opportunity to actively participate in the garden, starting from planting, doing nursery activities, and discussing agricultural conditions in the two countries, Belgium & Indonesia.

On the sidelines of gardening activities at our partner’s garden, Tom and his family also had the opportunity to visit several historical locations in Semarang City. A scheme like this, we call the Family Camp. With this scheme, volunteers can participate in a volunteer project with their family members. The length of the program ranges from 3 days to 3 weeks.

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