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About Us

BHUMI HORTA Foundation is a social enterprise based in Semarang. Our movement start on February 14th, 2014 when we collaborated with local youths in Semarang City and start promoting “plant your own vegies” movement. This movement was founded by volunteering activists along with some local communities in Semarang Seashore areas. Our idea was to inspire local moms to make their own garden to fulfill their family needs that were possibly provided by cultivating their small yard.

The attention started to grow in 2015 when we have two assisted gardens in two urban villages (Kembangarum & Mangkang). Starting with a few activity point in Semarang City, we focused on urban farming promotion as an alternative for urban society to make healthier habits by planting their own food start from their families. In 2016 Kembangarum was chosen to be a community urban farming demo to be promoted and recognized by the city food security department of Semarang City.

Sany Mardlotillah and his wife Siti Lathifah Rodja were concerned with the sustainability of this program by providing an umbrella organization for these activities and aimed to increase the numbers of our supporters by growing numbers o assisted community farm inside or outside Semarang. Therefore we decided to establish Bhumi Horta Foundation on 22 April 2017 in Tengaran, Semarang Regency. Bhumi Horta is the abbreviation of “Bhumi Hortikultura Nusantara”. ‘Bhumi’ represent Earth as our homes, Hortikultura (Eng: Horticulture) represents the art of cultivating plants in gardens to produce food and medicinal ingredients, or for comfort and ornamental purposes, and ‘Nusantara’ is the place that we belong.

In 2018 our programs were created to focus on determining socialization, training & assisting, controlling, and evaluating farming activities in our assisted communities. All the budget we used for running our programs was funded and received from government and local partners’ contributions. With support from local stakeholders, we found that economic development and educational aspect should be maintained. As we aimed to create the movement not only in Semarang city but also in cities all over Indonesia. The output of this program was to create a ‘Green Agent’ that will lead a farm assistant role in each assisted community farm. ‘Green Agent’ will take the role of a leader to take over the middle-man role to connect future farmers with the market and their service users.

Teman Berkebun was created on July 12th, 2018 to be an integrated platform for those go got assisted and those who are assisting. Teman Berkebun will bridge our partners to maintain their economic growth as well as enhance their social impact. Teman Berkebun provides the information they need in the practical field and multiple offline and online marketplace options to bring them closer to the market. On another side, Bhumi Horta Foundation as a non-profit organization will maintain the social impact that should be happening on each assisted farm.

Our Vission

“Innovative Agriculture Product & Community Empowerment to Enforce Competitive Agro-business Growth in Indonesia”

Our Mission

  • Providing farming innovative program
  • Educating Professional Assisting Farm
  • Enlarging cooperation with stakeholders, corporate & global citizen
  • Youth Involvement
  • Empowering community

Our Strategy

1. Urban Farming Program

We provided a program for urban society to start their own farming project.

2. Farming Program

By cooperating with a local farmers in suburban or villages to manage their farming project to be more productive and profitable

3. Education Program

We provided training related to farming and ecological friendly based on society’s needs

4. Business Center Program

We planned to make centralized business center for the urban farmer and all products related to farming

Our Founders

Sany Mardlotillah

President of Bhumi Horta Foundatiom


Ifa Rodja

General Secretary of Bhumi Horta Foundatiom