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Along with our business center called Teman Berkebun, on 2017 we already have 30 assisted farm activity points in Semarang surrounding. Starting at the beginning of 2021 we were prioritizing the project site to be integrated with our social impact program in our foundation. Here are updated social impact project site.

Project Sites

Urban Permaculture Community Center Project

This project is called ‘Kebun Qita’. It is located at Jl. Kyai Saleh No.13, Randusari, South Semarang sub-district, Semarang City, Central Java, INDONESIA. This project was initiated on 2022 by Mrs. Arina Molitha, the founder of ‘Qyta Yoga’, and ‘Dapur Kebun Qyta’. It aimed to make an activity center for the urban communities in Semarang surrounded by urban permaculture principles.