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International Volunteer

Short Term Volunteering Program

Short Term Volunteering (STV) also called a work camp is an international volunteering program where volunteers stay 1 – 3 weeks for the project. Volunteers work in teams. There are 5 – 25 volunteers volunteering together in one work camp. The work camp volunteers are expected to be team players, and be able and enjoy exploring ideas, especially during the implementation part of the project.

General Condition

  • Volunteers must be 18 years old or older.
  • English is the official language within the groups. But, most of our local partners are not capable to speak English. Basic Indonesian language skills will be appreciated.
  • Volunteers are requested to bear their own health and travel insurance.
  • All volunteers will have an orientation session on the first day (arrival days) of each work camp. 
  • We expect all volunteers to have read and understood the info sheet. Be on time and stay the entire length of the camp. The departure day will be the last day of the work camp.
  • We expect all volunteers are aware of the basic concept of international voluntary service,
  • Volunteers will need to bring a sleeping bag and air mattress.
  • Volunteers will join the daily team (Cooking, washing, and cleaning team every day) which will be in shifts.
  • Realize that the living conditions in Indonesia are different than at home (no warm water/ not clean/no air-conditioning/not easy access to international phone or internet/not easy transportation all the times/ no soft beds/ bugs/mosquitoes/different food etc.)
  • All volunteers should understand the aims of the work camp and realize that learning about the Indonesian way and social contact is more important than manual work.
  • We expect all the volunteers to be open-minded, leave prejudice behind, and show initiative.
  • English should be spoken with other volunteers in the camp, even if these people do not join the conversation.
  • Volunteers should understand the situation to spend time with local people who do not speak English very well. Volunteers should make the effort in trying to communicate in basic Indonesian or other ways of communicating (work, pictures, gestures, etc.) If you will try, you will be amazed how quickly you will learn basic Bahasa Indonesia!
  • Because the people are quite religious Islamic here, behavior and dress should be noticed in the local culture, especially when in the village or offices. (No tank tops, knees should be covered).
  • Flexibility is expected from everybody as well as the realization that the Indonesian way of life and work are less stressed and should always be fun, no matter how hard they work!
  • Don’t complain because the schedule might be changed throughout the camp, depending on conditions and situations. So bring some flexibility and stay relaxed and you will avoid a lot of stress and frustration yourself.
  • Creativity and ideas for the work, discussions, the campsite, excursions, and free time are expected to come from the group during the camp. Share your thoughts and ideas!

The Objectives

  • To exchange experience and culture, to provide opportunities for volunteers to connect with and learn from the community through enjoyment of local life and exchange.
  • To promote change with remarkable and public action of voluntary works on empowering the community.
  • Mutual benefit between the stakeholder, to empower not only the hosts but also the local communities, especially in depopulated areas.

Financial Policy

The participation fee for STV Projects should be paid upon arrival. It is usually after an orientation session from the BHUMI HORTA staff or Camp Leader. It starts from IDR 1,000,000 to IDR 2,970,000 (or equal to EUR 70 – EUR 205). The participation fee is covering expenses as follows:

  • Foods
  • Accommodation
  • Local transport for the project
  • Certificate of participation
  • Management Fee
  • Material for the camps
  • Please keep in your mind that all personal expenses and free day expenses are excluded.


Recommended Visa for STV Incoming Program (Duration Stay: 7 – 30 Days)

To stay up to 30 days, you may use recommended visa below. For those who want to stay up to 60 days, you should buy Visa on Arrival, with one extension required in Indonesia.

Visa Exemption  (Link: http://goo.gl/S0Gz8A ) For ASEAN Countries & More than 80 countries 30 DaysApplied only  in Airport: Soekarno Hatta, Tangerang Ngurah Rai, Bali Kualanamu, Medan Juanda, Surabaya Hang Nadim, Batam Not Extendable!
Visa On Arrival (Link: http://goo.gl/8LNC3z ) For more than 80 Countries 30 DaysCost US$25 – US$35(Depend on Entry Airport) Extendable 30 days

Long and Middle Term Volunteering

Long and Middle Term Volunteering is an international activity that deposits 2-5 months (middle term) or 6-12 (long term) with a special theme for a sustainable project. This activity is an individual project and each project contains 1 up to 3 volunteers.

The volunteer will stay in one place with the project site, in collaboration with partners or local communities with the main purpose of exchanging experiences, culture, and mutual benefit between the relevant parties.

The Aims

  1. To exchange experience and culture, to provide opportunities for volunteers to connect with and learn from the community through enjoyment of local life and exchange.   
  2. To promote lasting change with specialized and sustainable voluntary works that improve the community.
  3. Mutual benefit between the stakeholder, to empower not only the hosts but also the local communities, especially in depopulated areas.

General Requirements

  1. Volunteers must be 18 years old or older
  2. Volunteers are keen on learning the Indonesian language
  3. Volunteers have to be open-minded toward local culture and custom
  4. Volunteers are obliged to stay during the whole length of the project
  5. Volunteers must bring their own personal medicine
  6. Volunteers will work 5 days a week, 5 – 8 hours a day. Saturday and Sunday are free days for volunteers, but there might be some projects with different free days
  7. Volunteers have to be able to manage their own lodging whatever the type of the accommodation (Host Family, Boarding House, Dorm, Volunteer House)

Financial Policy

The participation fee is payable upon arrival, and each month should be paid on the first week of the month. It is around IDR 1,600,000 – IDR 3,100,000 (Approx. 106 Euros – 213 Euros) per month covering:

  • Meals (Meals support provided IDR 900.000/month)
  • Accommodation
  • Management Fee
  • Information and support in obtaining a visa before arrival,
  • Transportation from BHUMI HORTA office to the project site when you start your project, Orientation session, evaluation session, project coordination, & project supervising
  • Project Material

Please note!

Volunteers should bear her/his personal expenses and bear health insurance by themselves. Fee for visa extension is IDR 400.000 for the first extension and IDR 350.000 for the second extension.


Recommended Visa for MTV Incoming Program (Duration Stay: 30 – 60 Days)

Visa On Arrival (Link: http://goo.gl/8LNC3z ) For more than 80 Countries30 DaysCost US$ 25 – US$ 35 (Depend on Entry to Airport) Extendable 30 days

To stay up to 30 days, you may use recommended visa below. For those who want to stay up to 60 days, you should buy Visa on Arrival, with one extension required in Indonesia.

Recommended Visa for LMTV Incoming Program (Duration Stay: 30 Days – 1 Year)

211 Visa (Link: http://goo.gl/8LNC3z ) You should Apply through Indonesian Embassy/Consulate in your country 60 DaysCost US$ 55 Extendable 4 times

To stay more than 30 days, you can apply for VISA Index 211 valid for up to 60 days and extendable in any of the Immigration offices in Indonesia. 211 Visa is not a working visa, for tourism, family, social and cultural visits. Long And Middle Term volunteers are supposed to apply for this visa. For those who will stay up to 1 year, the volunteer should renew their VISA once through Indonesian Embassy in a country outside Indonesia (BHUMI HORTA team will recommend to you some countries you able to apply during your stay).


  • For your visa renewal, BHUMI HORTA will provide the volunteers with the invitation letter for visa
  • Volunteers who arrived should be reported to the authorizes with BHUMI HORTA Director as guarantor